Security Guard Cabin

Best Security Guard Cabin Manufacturers in Mumbai

The company has set up a modern manufacturing plant fitted with the modern machines and manufacturing process. The company one of the best Security guard cabin manufacturers in Mumbai sources the raw material for the manufacturing of the security cabin from the trusted vendors who are certified by the industry. The raw material is tested by the quality experts of the company before the start of the manufacturing process. The finished products are then tested on the vigorous quality parameters before the final delivery to the client.

As one of the leading security guard cabin manufacturers in Mumbai the Jazeerah manufacturers both standard and customized security guard cabins. The cabins are manufactured in various sizes, specifications and designs. The security cabins are primarily used for security guards. The size of the security guard cabin depends on the need of the client. The security guard cabins are made to keep two or more security guards comfortably. The security guard cabins are made of wood, aluminium and glass. The generally the security guard cabins are movable, have tires and can be shifted to any place easily depending on the need of the client.

The cabins have electrical fittings for installation of cooler in summer, a heater during winter season, and lights. The cabins also have a proper place for keeping the objects of the security guards, such as uniforms, caps, metal detector, whistle and emergency torch. The arrangement inside the security guard cabins is only for the seating. The ventilation is also proved at the top of the security guard cabins in Mumbai. The cabins have a large window with glass for giving a proper and clear view to security guards of the area under the watch.

The special features of the security cabins manufactured by the company are:-
  • » Durability
  • » Long operational life
  • » Sustainability in all weather conditions
  • » Smooth designs and highly movable
  • » Customization in design

The manufacturing process used by one of the best security guard cabin manufacturers in Mumbai ensures that security guard cabin is suitable for every possible weather condition. The security guards can render the duty without any disturbance during rain, dust storms or heat waves.